About Us

Welcome to Lavender Rose Boutiques.

Your source for high quality Women & Children's clothing and accessories.

As a Women owned Small Business, I take pride in building my brand around beautifully handpicked fashion, that never goes out of Style. I attend both USA and international fashion trade shows, as well as local communities on my travels, to source unique fashions that allow Lavender Rose Boutiques to always be on trend with an edge.

"Crafted With Love "
Lavender Rose Boutiques, also showcases and offers, my unique one-of-a-kind designs. Each piece is designed and hand-cut with a meticulous print and trim placement, ensuring a bespoke uniqueness. The collections show my love of color, print design and nature.

About Audra
My name is Audra. I am a self-taught clothing and jewelry designer, who's passion has always been about all things fashion. I am from Harare, Zimbabwe.  For over 30 years I have been fortunate to have lived in various parts of the World including, Africa, Europe and America and have been immersed within in the fashion industry.

My fashion journey began as a children's clothing designer in Harare, Zimbabwe. I was fortunate to work for several leading clothing manufacturing companies in Harare, Zimbabwe as a children's clothing designer. Working as an inhouse clothing designer enabled me to be a part of the designing and manufacturing process from start to finish. 

I left my beloved home country Zimbabwe and moved to the UK as a fashion buyer and managed for various Luxury Clothing Boutiques. 

After many years of working in the fashion industry, I am now embarking on my fashion journey in America.

My Passion for Fashion
As a child, I reveled in the boundless creativity and artistic skills of my Zimbabwean culture and people. An artist at heart, with a love for nature, color texture and design.

Encompassing my love of travel, I began to follow my heart and visited many African countries as well as far away countries. I ventured and was intrigued by the off the beaten path communities. Their beauty and cultures inspired and peeked my senses.

From the Zimbabwean traditional Chitenge, the Indian Sari, the Kenyan Maasai Shuka, the Kilts in Scotland to the Kimono in Japan, to name a few. The world is full of different varieties of traditional dress and culture. They are always eye catching. This is how I draw inspiration for the collections featured in my store.

As Women, we are catalysts of a cultural movement towards social good. Our voices, our questions, our choices. Collectively we are setting the course for the world in which we live and Love.  

At Lavender Rose, I believe that no matter how you feel, get up, dress up or show up, you never give up. Always clothe yourself with light, adventure, compassion, love and self-love.

My vision is to awaken the adventurous and creative spirit that resides within all of us. I believe that everyone has a right to freedom and feel joy.

I hope that you will enjoy your shopping experience as much as I love bringing it to you.

The Most Beautiful Thing That You Can Wear Is Confidence! 

Partnerships and Fair Trade

Lavender Rose boutiques is proud to partner with Fair Trade companies. 

Our mission is to work with impact driven brands with a passion for Fair Trade, thoughtful design and sustainable practices. 

Most importantly, the ethically hand-made styles create lasting change in artisan communities. With a story behind each piece that is created, the unique products celebrate individual style.

Lavender Rose Boutiques is now a part of a chain of goodness and empowerment.